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A man singing karaoke enthusiastically while surrounded by a lively group of family and friends in a gathering at Recreation Property homestay.
About Us


In Recreation Asset Management, we provide everyone a hassle-free, affordable, spacious and comfortable accommodation for quality event and gathering that can allow them to enjoy and build a better bonding with each other.

Book Your Stay With Us

Spacious: Look inside the specification of the villa and you’ll find very big living rooms and bedrooms.


Huge Pax: With big space, each villa can stay and hold a large number of people at the same time.


Reasonable Price: Using per person price, our villa offers low-mid range price to our guests so it’s still cheaper than the overall market.


Event Ready: The beautiful decoration of the villa and its spacious outdoor space allows for events to be made, like BBQ, buffet and even wedding!


Experienced: With over 4 years of experience in the homestay, we can provide lots of services thatothers can’t compete.


Peaceful Neighbourhood: Our villas are situated in close proximity to each other whilst situated in the neighbourhood of low-traffic residential areas.

Private Wedding Planning Service

9000 ++sqf land, combining the concept of a hotel with of 40+ paxs comfortable accommodation and 250 people event venue. Half of the hotel budget and spacious outdoor venue make it an ideal venue for large gatherings, especially weddings and it also gives no constraints on interaction with your guests.

Our Facilities

Viewing before booking, A fact sheet (facilities) about the house, room plan and pre-checkin information and direction guide, contact. 

Download our Facilities here:

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