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Meet The Team

The Co-founder, Alfred Tay sitting on a stool.

Alfred Tay

Weddings are unique, beautiful, emotional and often the biggest day of someone’s life, and I with the team are honoured to be able to create them.

I’m fortunate enough to have other elements of my life lend all skills to help plan weddings, from working in Finance in investment company to designing and running for a successful coworking space. I can tell you one thing, I’m good in management and planning.

For these 5 years of working with couples and really getting to know them is an incredible experience and something I have an immense passion for doing. You must have a Connection with the couple to really get to know them and create a wedding which is all them, it also makes for a fun planning process!

Michelle Hooi, the co-founder posing while sitting on a prop.

Michelle Hooi

A wedding planner who graduated from event management, and have planned hundreds of weddings of all sizes.

For me, every new couple is like a friend, my mission is to listen carefully to their needs and stories of each new couple, accompanying them along the way, going through each process and giving them the most professional wedding advice.

As a wedding planner, I plan all the weddings just like my own, provide them the best service and I certainly hope that when the couples look at that photo of their time at the wedding, they will feel the happiness again.

The co-founder, Eileen Tay sitting on a stool and smiling.

Eileen Tay

As a brand strategist who expertise in brand activation and digital marketing. I am experienced in influencing and relationship- building through content marketing and social media engagement to create brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and increase profitability.

I love brand marketing, there is nothing quite like making people fall in love with your brand. Branding is the feeling that results from a human’s interaction with every manifestation of your existence: Company, Product and People.

I always love the challenge of working in marketing sector, and also passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. When not working, I love taking photos with my camera, it allows us to tell stories and freeze a moment in time, forever.

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